Philippines Vapelife EXPO Feedback
Philippines Vapelife EXPO Feedback

Philippines Vapelife EXPO Feedback


  As the Philippine e-cigarette market is growing steadily, we participated in the Manila VAPELIFE EXPO and wanted to expand the influence of our brand - Nikola.

Nikola B哦哦挺好、

   There are about 80 exhibitors at the show, some well-known brands also participated in the Expo. Our booth is surrounded by some famous E-liquid brands and some beautiful models. Many visitors passed through and walked into our booth to re-recognize our brand.

  For the Philippine market, pod system and mod are both welcome. In the chat with customers and some shop owners, it can be clearly felt that the Philippine e-cigarette market is disperse.

   For example: A store owner feels that mod is more popular in his market, and pod system are just the back up for customers, in many cases customers buy pod system just want to try different feelings. For mod, Geekvape is more popular with customers, because they think their products are more durable (from product quality and after-sales service).

   But the store owner doesn't like this, because when most customers like the same product and no longer willing to try different brands, the chance for the store to make a profit is getting smaller. For pod system, the shape of the USB is more popular in the Philippines because it is lighter, and I saw that many people at the show hanging that kind of pod in neck.

   Another local Chinese wholesaler also believes that the rise of pod system is only temporary and is not optimistic about the sustainability of pod system in the Philippine market. But some stores said that pod system will be better sold in their area. It's a matter of opinion, after all, the entire e-cigarette market is not uniform.

   In the situation seen at the exhibition, most of the customers prefer to use RDA, RTA atomizer. The coil and tank in the area are not so popular.

 Among all the products of NikolaNiagara is the most recognized one as it's our first product, and many people like it. Wolverine is popular because of its high wattage, powerful. It fit your hand perfect with a design ergonomics. Medea is the sexiest product, many young guys and girls love it because of gorgeous colors and sexy shapes. Our new member Delorean is the most popular one. All visitors want to try it and love it so much. Small body but with strong flavour. Design unique and fit your hand perfect. No one can refuse it.

 The Mayor is really a funny guy and bring us more happy. He made a live video on the show, and every time pass by the booth, they raised hands and shouted happily: “Nikola!!!”, attracted a lot of people.


 The local persons are very enthusiastic and have provided us with a lot of help. Really love this place and this expo. We can see a good future of the market Philippines and we are also happy to grow with it. The Future is Here.