Hey, Here The Five Things You Need Know From MEVS
Hey, Here The Five Things You Need Know From MEVS

Hey, Here The Five Things You Need Know From MEVS


l  MEVS ——The only e-cigarette exhibition in the Middle East

Middle East Vape Show is one of the top vape expo with world's top suppliers for latest vape products and technologies. It is a unique platform showcasing liquid's, accessories and vape subculture.

In the Middle East, E-cigarette are classified as “tobacco”, and UAE countries such as Dubai are even banned from selling e-cigarettes. However, this does not hinder the rise of the e-cigarette market in the Middle East. As a Gulf country, Bahrain is an important distribution place for e-cigarettes.


l  No smoking in the room, including electronic cigarettes

The Expo is located at the Bahrain International Circuit, because most cities in the Middle East are not allowed smoking indoor, including E-cigarette.

Open Air Expo!


l  Exhibition Details

There were 107 exhibitors at the show. The products cover box mod , pod system, and heat-no-burn. As a distribution port for E-liquid, there are many American and European e-liquid companies appeared at the show. In addition to local buyers, there are many B-end customers from other countries in the Middle East. It can be seen that the potential of the Middle East market cannot be underestimated


l  What Is The Next Market Trend? 

Through this exhibition, as well as on-the-spot interviews with stores, we found that pod system is the next trend in Middle East. Almost every e-cigarette store has them for sale.


l  What They Talk About Nikola Products?

“Nice Flavor.”

“Stylish design, I like it.”

Delorean Pod System and Wolverine Box Mod are the most popular device in the EXPO.

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