For Preventing Students Vaping, School in US is Using Detectors
For Preventing Students Vaping, School in US is Using Detectors

For Preventing Students Vaping, School in US is Using Detectors


As an anti-vaping counter-strike, there is a school in US planning on a brand new, stricter regulation in respect to stop students vaping in the Middle School facilities and parameter areas.


According to Journal-News, on 29th March, Hamilton School officially announced that there will be a search of electronic cigarette waiting for the students come back to school from Spring break.”

Last Year, FDA moved to confine companies selling electronic cigarettes to under-ages. In September, also demanded 5 manufacturers, JUUL, Vuse, MarkTen, Blu, and Logic, to file a plan in 60 days about how to cut under-ages off using their products. And now the School had joined the force.

School officials said that they will be using hand-held metal detectors to conduct, including the lockers and any vehicles parked in the school area.

Students caught with vaping devices would also undergo urine analysis tests within another 48 hours.

In the letter sent out to parents of students in 7th to 12th grades, Hamilton school’s Chief Officer Mike Holbrook said the searches will begin on 8th April after students return from the weeklong spring break.

 “Trained school personnel will be conducting random searches of students. These searches will be ongoing for the foreseeable future,” Holbrook added.

 “Random, daily searches may be conducted on any student with the use of a metal detector device. These searches could be administered at any point during the school day. The searches may include student property, lockers, vehicles and an additional items deemed necessary.”

Hamilton and other schools are starting a war, from local to whole United States, to prevent under-ages from vaping!

To those shop owners who keep selling cigarettes and e-cigarettes to under-ages, SHAME ON YOU! It is our responsibility and obligation to establish a good image for society and raise public credibility. Say no to selling cigarettes and e-cigarettes to under-ages!