“Can I have this?”

At the security check in NAIA, I got held off by an airport official. Though it’s because I miss-carried the built-in battery Delorean in my backpack, the words came from him surprised me.

On the Vapelife Expo, after clearing multiple obstacles from several parties, the booth was finally set up. Closer to the main stage and surrounded by famous e-liquids brands, Nikola displayed a unique booth.

Nikola Booth in Vapelife

Most of the visitors were carrying their own kits, doing smoke tricks as they can squeeze some place in the aisle and in between from one booth to another.

Lucky to talk to a couple of  shop owners about what they concluded from the past and sensed of the future, found it interesting to connect dots and putting together a puzzle.

Most of them would stock Aegis from Geekvape; the pod-system they sold are just complement to the mods while in an area not suitable to bring a big vape.

Some of the visitors told us that the pod-system is getting more and more popular, young people having fun with vaping are taking it as the next trend to pursue.


Among the category of Nikola products, Delorean was definitely the most eye-catching one. No one could resist to try for a puff. Fit in hand, fit to mouth, strong flavour(the 36mg of Melon Mint juice), I see no reason why you wouldn’t like it. Wolverine was also attractive in designs: fingers fillisters with the firing bottom at top, and easily operational. Not too much heavy but feels something. Another one got the same feedback was Medea. A little bit heavier than Wolverine, but much more a pair with the Lapetus tank.


Mayor was quite a funny dude, like crazy. HAPPY HAPPY! Every time he walked pass our booth, he raised his both hands and shouted “NIKOLA!!!”

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