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  1. How long will nicotine stay in your body?

    How long will nicotine stay in your body?

    How long will nicotine stay in your body?   When you are using tobacco based products, nicotine will stay in your body for a while. Medical tests can detect the nicotine contain level in urine, blood, saliva, hair, and nails. Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco, cigarette, and e-cigarette. After smoking/vaping, 90% of the nicotine would be absorbed by the inhaler, and it will stay in for a very long time even the addictive effect wears off. In this article, we will talk about how long will it take for nicotine to completely dies in your body, and see if there are probability to exceed the process. How Long will nicotine stay in your body? The half-life of nicotine is 2 hours, which means after in taking nicotine, in 2 hours, there will be only half of it left inside your body. The short half-life period determines the nicotine effect wear off sooner than expected, therefore, people will have to intake again. When nicotine is absorbed in your body, it will be resolved into more than 20 different materials, such as cotinine, neonicotine, and nornicotine. It will all be released from urine eventually. Doctors can run tests to measure the content level of nicotine from: urine, blood, saliva, hair, and nails. According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry(AACC), it takes over 2 weeks to drop the content level of cotinine to the same level as non-smokers, and nicotine in urine takes weeks to its lowest level. The more you smoke, the longer it takes for nicotine to leave. Clear time varies from people to people, u  Nicotine might stay inside your body if you’re over 65-year-old u  It is easier for women to digest nicotine than male, especially when they are taking contraceptives u  Heavy smokers takes much longer to completely clear the nicotine   How long will nicotine withdrawal lasts? The severity and timetable of withdrawal symptoms mainly depends on the smoking frequency. From a thesis in 2010, there might not be withdrawal symptoms for people who smoke 5 and less cigarettes per day, because they don’t have a reliance on nicotine. However, they still have a emotion reliance to smoking. Physical and psychological effects of withdrawal: dysphoria, irritable, dyscoimesis, agitation, inattentive, and anorexia. Once the symptoms disappear, and nicotine is completely clear from body, smokers might have a desire to smoke, which is because they are habited to smoking. Under certain circumstances, the crave for nicotine might be aggravated, such as, too much stress and drinking with buddies, etc. As time goes on, the contributory factors will be less and less influential.   Can you clear the nicotine in your body by yourself? The best way to pass a nicotine test is to stopping taking 10 days ahead, due to the cotinine can stay in blood for 10 days more. There is no certain way to exceed the process of clearing nicotine in body, but one can keep an healthy life to perform the best support for your body system.  The following methods might be effective: drink more water, work out, and healthy food. There are some commercial products claims that it can help clearing nicotine, but obviously without a solid scientific base.   Conclusion u  The speed of nicotine clears off is affected by following factors: u  How many and how often one in taking nicotine; u  How long have one have been using tobacco products; u  The health status and age;   For now, it’s not sure if there is someone can complete the process faster than non-smokers. Quitting nicotine is difficult, but worth trying. According to the American Lung Association, there were 52,800,000 ex-smoker quitted smoking. In short, there are more and more people living nicotine-free life.
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  2. The Ingredients in E-liquids

    The Ingredients in E-liquids

    The Ingredients in E-liquids   E-liquids is a vital part of vaping. There are thousands of brands and flavors, from local or imported, from US or Malaysia. Have you ever wondered what’s contained in the e-liquids while enjoying the clouds and flavors? And how to make the e-liquids so different and multi-flavor? You will find all the answers after reading this article. In general, e-liquids consists of 5 main ingredients: PG(propylene glycol), VG(Vegetable Glycerine), Essence, Nicotine, and Additives.   1. PG(Propylene Glycol) is hygroscopic, achromatic, and odorless but slight sweetness, high in fluidity.  It is commonly used in medicine and food. FDA affirmed it as “Generally Recognised as Safe”, though some say it is mildly toxic. PG is mainly used as the carrier of essences and increase the flavor. A few steam would be existing after vaporization, which brings a certain level of throat hit. It can also be used to dilute VG for better conduction. There is still a possibility that side-effects would occur, such as discomfort in the throat, phlegm-my, and/or worst allergy. These only mildly lasts a short while, and it will stop as long as you stop vaping or change a lower level/none PG w-juice. High PG e-liquids is thicker in fluidity and flavor, but lack of throat hit and clouds.   2. VG(Vegetable Glycerine) is also a commonly used supplement. If you have it by your side now, please check on the cosmetics, food, and booze, especially in sweets, I believe the PG and VG won’t be missed again. After heating, VG will be vaporized into big clouds. Cloud chasers and dripper users know it all about adding VG in made liquids to create bigger clouds. VG is high in hygroscopic and lack of fluidity. Usually, a high VG level e-juice is big in the cloud, and lack of flavor and throat hit.   3. Flavoring is an essential part of the e-liquids, which can be said as the soul of it. Flavoring defines what flavor the e-juice delivers. It matters of the combination and ratio, the more special it is, the more complex it can be. Some flavor of the essence, for example, mint, would also have a strong throat hit. 4. The function of nicotine is to ease the desire of smoking and create a throat hit, plus increase the texture of e-liquids. People believe that nicotine is the devil on earth, take it as a lethal toxic. In fact, it is nicotine SOLUTION which is put in the e-liquids, not the pure ones. For hundreds of years, nicotine is connected to death and cancer, which now caught much attention than it should have. Many scientists have stood out to clear its reputation, pointed out that it is the tar, carbon monoxide, and more than 4,000 poisonous even radioactive materials caused by burning tobacco leaves. The harm which nicotine would leave on the body should not be neglected. It’s for the best to lower the level of nicotine, get rid of it as soon as possible. The higher it is, the stronger the throat hit is. It might cause stomach-ache and/or headache. So if you are having the symptoms above, cut the nicotine. Most people are using 6mg/ml level of e-liquids, perfectly suits the needs, and delivers the right punch of throat hit. 5. Additives contain edulcorant, acids, soother, and deionized water, etc. Their function is to change the texture and make up the essence. Some flavor comes with inevitable bitterness and sourness, edulcorant should be able to neutralize it. Deionized water is used to delute VG. The thickness is preventing drippers to heat, therefore needs it to balance the pure VG ratio and increase fluidity. However, purified water, mineral water, and tap water are not allowed to be in e-liquids. The ions will be causing short-circuit to the wick, which would heavily damage the equipment.     The best e-liquids should fit the food level, which means can be used directly in foods. Some foreign e-liquids even needs to be FDA approved harmless before launch. Hence, buying e-liquids should go to a legit store and shop for big brands. Those cheap ones might be made in a shady workshop, unhygienic and poisonous.   If you’ve read every word and et here, I believe you already have a brief knowledge about e-liquids. Legit brands are using food level materials, with high-security standard. The ingredients are commonly used in daily life, cosmetics, food, and sweets. Furthermore, it helps with choosing the right e-liquids for vaping.
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  3. What should I prepare before starting vaping?

    What should I prepare before starting vaping?

    What should I prepare before starting vaping?   When this thought popped out, that means you’ve made up your mind to get rid off the harm which tobacco left on you. You should think twice about do you really want to quit smoking as well as vaping in the future, or just finding a left harmful replacement. For quitting eventually, you need a strong will and effective actions. Make a timetable of how to use e-cigarettes, and follow the plans strictly step by step. Indeed, it would be much easier to quit smoking from the beginning. First of all, be sure to choose a suitable equipment, pod-systems are mostly recommended to new comers. There might be a slightly discomfort on your body due to the difference between tobacco-burnt-solid-smoke and vaporized liquids from e-juices, which is normally happen to those who tried e-cigarettes for quitting and suddenly stopped smoking. The situation maybe varies from people, it can also be seen as the withdrawal of tobacco which takes time to dealt with. One more thing needs to be paid extra attention is someone will be having anaphylaxis to PG(Propylene Glycol) which is commonly used in e-juices. If you are having an allergy, please get a doctor and follow their instructions ASAP. Secondly, to find the limited level of nicotine content. You should slowly lower the nicotine level in the e-juice when fully adapt to your maximum, decrease the body dependency to nicotine, gently abstain from it till it finally drops to zero. Reference: if you are a one pack per day smoker, you should start at 6mg/ml which is closest level to your daily intake. Though you can change to 3mg/ml level when you feel too strong for the throat hit, or dilute it with VG(Vegetable Glycerin). 3mg/ml is quite enough for cloud chasers. If you don’t get enough feedback for quitting when vaping 6mg/ml e-juices, you can always choose a higher, 12mg/ml even 24mg/ml, content e-juice. During the path of quitting, many people are “enslaved” by e-cigarettes, they preferred to be called, vapers. If you have grow a steady interest in it, you need to know more about the unknown. Such as the types of equipments, types of atomizers, types of materials of the wick, and wicking tricks, etc. Only knowing the difference between equipments, then you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. At last we reaffirm our point of view, e-cigarette cannot just make you quit smoking, it takes a strong will and effective actions. Indeed, using e-cigarette can obviously ease the pain of withdrawal and effectively replace tobacco cigarettes. However, e-cigarette can never directly help quitting, let alone some evil-minded merchants claim that e-cigarettes can clear your lungs. All are BS, none of that is true, if you have doubt, please consult a doctor. If you have other questions please leave a comment below. We will answer to the basics. If you like this, please share it with your friends.  
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